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Boort Primary Care

Find out more about the Boort Medical Clinic and the services offered.

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Dental Services

Boort District Health offers both public and private dental health services

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Spanner Cafe

The Spanner Café operates in a small area located between reception, urgent care and the hospital kitchen.

Latest News

BDH Media Release - Consumer Mascots New Roles at BDH

At Boort District Health (BDH) we are committed to providing person-centred care and respecting consumer choices at all times. After all, patients, clients, residents or consumers – whatever we choose to call them – they are the core reason why we all have jobs. They are the reason why we exist as a health service, our overall purpose. However, sometimes decisions may be inadvertently made in isolation without them, and we want to stop this from happening wherever possible and ensure our consumer’s voice is always taken into account. That is why we have created two new roles within our team - one that will go everywhere with the Board Chair and one that will go everywhere with the CEO. They will be very visible and remind us at every opportunity of our purpose.

Introducing our new Consumer Mascots, ROBBIE and KITTY  

BDH Consumer Mascots The Voice 

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BDH Media Release - Official Opening Dental & Maintenance 18 Nov 2019

Date/Time: Monday 18 November 2019 commencing at 3.00pm  Location: Boort District Health, 31 Kiniry Street, Boort VIC 3537

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Official Opening of Dental Clinic & Maintenance Shed

Boort District Health

Official Opening Boort Dental Clinic & Maintenance Shed followed by AGM - November 18 2019

Boort District Medical Centre

Boort District Medical Centre

Patient Information Sheet

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2019 Quality Calendar

Boort District Health’s vision, "to improve and enrich the health and wellbeing of the Boort community and the surrounding

districts", inspires us to provide excellence in the care we deliver. Our annual Quality Account is compiled to provide information about the quality of care at Boort District Health, as a way to demonstrate transparency and accountability to our community. The report demonstrates how we are responding to quality and safety challenges and what is being achieved. Together, we continue to progressively build our capacity to deliver flexible, sustainable, timely and responsive health services.

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Statement of Priorities 2019-2020 Agreement

Statement of Priorities

2019-2020 Agreement between the Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services and Boort District Health

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Loddon LGA Health Information

Loddon LGA Health Information - Contacts

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